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Vanilla Bliss - 4 Pack

Enjoy four jars of the flavor that started it all. 

Our luxuriously creamy, original custard made with premium ingredients and flavored with real vanilla. Our custards are all free from gluten, soy, peanuts, tree nuts, and any artificial thickeners, colors or flavors


What is custard?

"Like the inside of a creme brulée in a jar"

Custard is a cooked, rich, egg-based dish often served as a dessert component. Unlike lighter puddings, our custard is dense and made with whole ingredients free from gluten, soy, peanuts, and tree nuts.

Our dairy custards are made with local Pennsylvania cream products and our vegan custards are made with a base of oat and coconut milk to provide the same silky texture and rich flavor as our dairy products.

Served cold but not frozen, these chilled treats are perfect to enjoy year-round alone or as a component in your favorite recipe.

A family-owned business


What our customers are saying...
Flower Show Guest

“I tried the vanilla custard over the weekend and WOW. It was so special. I can't recommend this product and this company enough.

This custard is absolutely delicious! I love that they also have vegan options- they’re all good, but the dragon fruit hibiscus lemonade flavor is incredible. The owner is so nice and you can tell they have a lot of passion for their business. It’s so great to be able to support a black & women-owned family business—it’s a bonus that the jars are reusable. I hope to see these products in more places!

Best thing I had today at Veg Fest. Told literally everyone I knew there to get some custard. I had the chocolate. Will absolutely have again!

Do yourself a favor. Get the Vanilla Bliss. Take a large spoonful, put it in your mouth and just let your tongue hang out there for a while. Heaven on earth. Can't wait to try all the other flavors.

Poppa’s custard is so good I have now bought 8 jars. It is creamy and sweet and just the right amount for a sweet treat. I keep coming back for more because they do not last more than a day in my house. The quality is consistently high and the vegan custard is just as delicious—great for anyone who’s lactose intolerant. I was perhaps too excited when I learned they are now sold in select stores and I can now get them whenever I run out.

I had the pleasure of meeting Poppa himself at the flower show and South St Fest. He has an incredible passion and work ethic that is evident in everything from the taste and quality of the custard to the design of the jars. I hope he continues making custard for a long time because I’ll be a lifelong customer.